The Blog

In the year of 2015, I spent eight months out of the year admitted to the hospital due to complications from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and its comorbid conditions, Mast Cell Disease, Dysautonomia, and Gastroapresis. Four of those months were consecutive. It is only by the Grace of God I did not go completely crazy. With the little remnants of my sanity, I decided to blog about the experience. And wa-lah, Hospital Princess was born.

While that lengthy admission was definitely a low point, it taught me a lot about myself. Through this blog, I aspire to advocate for chronic illness and disability, as well as to relentlessly show the love of Jesus to others.

The Blogger

My name is Cheyanne. I am 21 years old. South Carolina is my current home; however, my heart is native to sunny Florida. I am blessed to do life with my family, wonderful fiancé, and my red-headed smushed faced cat named Weasley. I am a college student at North Greenville University with the overall career goal to become a Christian counselor with chronic and terminal illness as my subspecialty.

Chances are, I always have a book or Kindle in my hands. Vegan baking for others, despite being tube fed unable to eat, is another enjoyable pastime. And similar to most, social media, binge watching Netflix or Hulu, and technology all consume a large chunk of my leisure time. I recently transformed my grandma-like hobbies of knitting and sewing into a mini Etsy business selling handmade items.

I like to pretend I am halfway interesting, but who am I kidding?!