WellWrap: Hope For Chronic Pain

Pain. It demands to be felt. At least that is what the cliché saying wishes us to believe. Anyone who has fallen victim to chronic pain seeks to disprove that profound statement in their desperate attempt to repress the physical agony encompassing their very being.

Day in and day out, the various facets of pain take its toll. Like many that comprise the chronic pain population, I myself struggle to discover a successful therapy. The instinct of doctors is to automatically prescribe medications with unfavorable side effects. I learned rather quickly in my chronic pain journey that I am anaphylactic to NSAIDS, that opioids are contraindicated with my already nearly paralyzed gastrointestinal tract, and that one medication gone wrong is not always a swift and easy recovery upon its discontinuation. Medicine has lasting repercussions. Feeling as if I cannot win for losing is discouraging. After every failure, I want to scream at my body’s ineptitude.

Thus, whether risky pharmaceuticals, diet changes, or intense exercise regimens, no supposed “cure” seems entirely helpful for chronic pain treatment. I accepted long ago that chronic pain conditions need a combination of therapies because there is no single remedy. However, chronic pain treatments are constantly evolving. Advancements in Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), described as “an emerging clinical paradigm”, offer safer and more effective alternatives. Thankfully, there is a new product by the name of WellWrap on the horizon that showcases LLLT technology. With WellWrap, perhaps pain will demand to be felt a little less often.

What is WellWrap and how does it work?

WellWrap is a wearable device that, at a glance, is similar to traditional knee braces and supports, but WellWrap is unique in the fact that it incorporates FDA approved laser therapy technology to combat pain.

Based on NASA LLLT science, the laser therapy of the WellWrap functions to relieve pain by targeting cells. When the laser light comes in contact with the painful area, it stimulates the mitochondria of the “sick” cells to produce Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which is the center of cellular energy. WellWrap also functions to increased endorphin release and improves circulation as it decreases the inflammation. This is promising, as it facilitates cell proliferation.



The top goal ofWellWrap is to provide a pain relieving option that is safer than the traditional go-to’s, such as harsh prescription drugs. Common NSAIDs and opioids have extensive side effects with long-term consequences, which is why granting patients the ability to relieve pain naturally is a top priority.

While the science behind WellWrap is complex, using it is easy. The simplicity of the device is refreshing. The wrap is slipped on like a typical knee support and requires a click of a button to initiate the laser therapy technology.



It is advised that two treatments using WellWrap of seven minutes each are sufficient to reduce chronic pain.

Who uses WellWrap?

WellWrap embraces diversity, as chronic pain differs from person to person. Male or female, young or old, sports injury, disease, or arthritis from natural aging, all can benefit from the WellWrap laser therapy device. Physical pain is an unfortunate result of life and we all endure it eventually…some sooner than others. None should be forced to suffer, regardless of patient background.

Laser therapy is not new. WellWrap only revolutionized the manner in which it is applied. When contacted, Dr. Virginia Hernley, a licensed Chiropractor with 30 years of experience said, “I use hand-held LLLT lasers in my clinic to treat a wide range of chronic/acute joint pain caused by sports injuries such as MCL/ACL tears, knee sprains, etc., and degenerative diseases, such as arthritis, osteoporosis, tendonitis, etc. My patients find it to be highly effective!” 

The design of the wrap ensures that safe pain relief is easily accessible from the home without patients having to practically take up residence in a doctor or chiropractic office. Check out the company’s user validation.

Beneficial Features

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of WellWrap is that it features cloud technology synced to a cell phone app. Through the app, patients and their caregivers can track pertinent information concerning their health. For example, vitals (temperature, pulse, and blood pressure), medications, and pain levels.

Is the device safe?

To reiterate, LLLT technology is FDA approved and widely accepted as chronic pain treatment amongst the medical community. Along with Dr. Virginia Hernley referenced above, numerous professionals endorse its benefits for pain management.

Highly esteemed, it is a no-brainer decision for the FDA to clear the patent-pending WellWrap knee device with its laser therapy technology. The hope is that the original device designed for the knee will jumpstart the process of creating devices for other areas commonly afflicted with chronic pain.

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Get Your Own WellWrap!

Visit the WellWrap sign up page . The first to sign-up for pre-orders receive a 40% off discount via email on launch day. The promotion is first come, first serve, so do it quickly for yourself or a loved one.

There really is value in a non-invasive, no drug therapy for healing chronic pain. Now that my repeated injury caused by Ehlers Danlos Syndrome might finally heal without invasive interventions, my WellWrap knee will thank me.