Tuesday, September 26, 2017

STARVING TO DEATH: Abbott Nutrition Petition

Abbott Nutrition: Bring Back Old Elecare Jr.  - Don't Let My Friends and I Starve To Death
As most are already aware, I am feeding tube dependent. The only formula I have tolerated decently is Elecare Jr. Unflavored. Upon receiving a recent shipment of Elecare Jr. Unflavored, I noticed that the outside packaging was different. I scanned the labeling and noticed four discrepancies in the ingredients.

To receive clarification, I called the company that manufactures Elecare Jr. known as Abbott Nutrition. Abbott stated that they had been directed to change the wording on the labels to simplify the ingredient names for the general population. They assured me that they were no changes in ingredients—strictly the outside packaging.

Later, I trialled one of the newer cans with the updated label and experienced reaction symptoms. I had increased pain, swelling, etc. It worsened with each new can. I accepted it as a fluke, but resorted to using one of the cans with the older label instead. I eventually returned to my baseline. I continued to use the remaining old cans I had left until I had to use the new shipment again. Again, I started reacting.

It is not just me either. Multiple others have even ended up in the hospital from reactions to the new label Elecare Jr. cans. We have all called to report the incidents, but Abbott continues to tell each of us that there are no previous complaints and they refuses to admit to any changes.

This is a terrifying situation, as many patients are at risk of losing nutrition once the stashes of old label cans are depleted. So, I have started an online petition against Abbott with the goal of convincing them to bring back the old formulation of Elecare, or at the very least to admit their wrongdoing. Visit the petition link for further details.
Abbott Nutrition: Bring Back Old Elecare Jr.  - Don't Let My Friends and I Starve To Death
It is a great feat to incite change in a major corporation. I get that employees of Abbott have a very stressful and deeply involved occupation. Their days are filled with lengthy business meetings, manufacturing processes, factory maintenance, media inquiries, etc. But afterwards, employees return home to their healthy families. They sit down for a nice dinner afterwards, while Elecare Jr. and anything medical related is pushed out of their minds until work the next morning.

I do not have that luxury of forgetting. Although people like me cannot eat, Elecare Jr. is our way to remain home and enjoy life with our families. Before bed each night, we connect ourselves to a feeding pump and run our formula. And that is not a bad thing. It is what we are willing to do to live. We have a choice.

However, because of the changes made to the Elecare Jr. formulation, we are forced to endure increased pain, we are ripped from our homes due to hospital admissions, and more importantly, Abbott has revoked our right to a choice to live. Using the new Elecare equates to death. Yet, having no formula also has the same futile outcome.

Please help. The victims of this situation could easily be your mom, your dad, your sister, brother, child, or friend. It could easily be you.

Abbott Nutrition: Bring Back Old Elecare Jr.  - Don't Let My Friends and I Starve To Death.