Thursday, August 3, 2017

More Than A Headache: Diamond Headache Clinic Presentation

Migraines are a headache to deal with. HA, perhaps my pun is not that funny.

Did you know migraines extend beyond the symptoms of a throbbing pain or dull ache in the head? It can even entail solely gastrointestinal symptoms with the pain originating in the abdomen. They are undoubtedly debilitating.

My body has clearly conveyed that as truth. As I have been told, my pain threshold is abnormally high. It kind of has to be when Mast Cell Disease ensures that every form of pain medication known to man causes more problems than it solves due to reactions.

However, the severe pain attacks recently plaguing me are different. The entire area that is my abdomen is overtaken by an excruciating throbbing sensation. It is difficult to discern where it originates because it consumes all of my internal organs. Sharp twinges reverberate with the slightest movement. Yet, remaining still is next to impossible, as the discomfort leads to restlessness.

Earlier this week, Diamond Headache Clinic sent over valuable information regarding migraines. The presentation was enlightening. Although geared towards pediatrics, it provides useful facts about the various types of migraines, their diagnosis, and treatment options.

Presentation courtesy of Diamond Headache Clinic

These random, disabling pain attacks interfere with life. After research and viewing the above presentation, my symptoms definitely correlate with abdominal migraines.

Thank you, Diamond Headache Clinic, for connecting readers with helpful sources and for the informative presentation. The first step in relieving painful migraine symptoms is awareness. No one, adult or child, should have to suffer.

It is always best to consult a doctor in order to diagnose the cause of your migraines. Knowledge is power! 

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