Sunday, August 20, 2017

A Little Brighter

The morning sun peaks through the window frame, emphasizing the silhouette of the IV pole. The blinds are drawn and the rippling rays quickly disperse in hiding as they are consumed by full luminescence. Stirring from a restless sleep, the pain is intensely exhausting.  The bone discomfort is crushing. My cheeks are flushed. Dystonia lingers in the cramping of my feet.

Some mornings, simply awaking is a regrettable experience. It is difficult to see the light in the figurative sense of the word. Illness steals it away. Mast Cell Disease is greedy. Its hands are covetous, seizing every facet of life in its obliterating grip. Yet, it cannot let go. It comprises the whole of me and my faulty DNA. Letting go is not possible without it taking me with it.

This disease has proven just how intrusive it can be. A friend of mine, also subjected to this awful disease, is currently in the ICU due to complications from a tumor that has rendered her paralyzed from the waist down. She has a blood infection, possible pneumonia, and has had to have a tracheostomy surgically placed to secure her airway in the case of anaphylactic reactions and while heavily sedated. Although God is perfectly capable of performing miracles, the doctors are preparing her and her family for the paralysis to be permanent.

The situation is physically, emotionally, and financially taxing. I have created a T-shirt campaign where the proceeds go towards her cause. Below is additional information about Taylor Nearon's Campaign:
Taylor Nearon, founder of Super T’s Mast Cell Foundation, is a dear friend and fellow Mast Cell Activation Disorder, warrior. She is currently in the ICU battling unexpected complications stemming from the disease and its treatment. This the fight of her life. Recent surgery has rendered her wheelchair bound for the time being.          
Taylor offers so much to all who encounter her. As the name of her foundation suggests, she has truly been a superhero to the mast cell community. Now is our time to give back. The proceeds from the T-shirt campaign will go to Taylor and her family to use for home and vehicle wheelchair accessibility accommodations and other medical expenses.
The Lord is undoubtedly the Great Physician, but my hope is that these funds will relieve some of the financial burden and allow Taylor to more easily continue the plan God has for her life. We appreciate the prayers, love, and support.   
Initially, the goal was to sell 50 T-shirts. That amount has since been surpassed, with over $1,000 in proceeds, and the new target is 100 T-shirts. I would greatly appreciate it if my readers would offer their prayers, as well as visit the campaign site. There are various T-shirts, V-neck tees, and tank tops. There is an option to donate too.

While Mast Cell Disease has stolen my ability to lead a normal life, it has also bestowed the gift of friendship and community I would not have known under healthy circumstances. The love and support we provide each other is undoubtedly special.

I yearn for the moment when all who are afflicted can claim that this disease gives more than it takes. Until then, I must keep fighting even when succumbing to nothingness is easier. Why? Because one morning I might painlessly open my eyes only to notice that the light is a little brighter.

And it is okay if I am scared. That means there is still something to lose.

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it." - John 1:5, ESV