Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Flourishing Life Is Love: The Whole Health Life

I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although this product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in now way influenced by the company.   
Are you sick? Anxious? Anxiously sick from the possibility of becoming anxiously sick? If so, The Whole Health Life book is for you. This is not your average 'How-To' title. Shannon Harvey, the author, bravely writes about her own health story. She eloquently connects her real life accounts to thoroughly researched information on creating a happy and productive life.  

The Whole Health life delves into the latest research showing it is possible to “flip the switch on genes that affect disease and the rate of cellular aging in our bodies” (12). This is exceptionally valuable. DO NOT allow the mention of scientific facts to discourage your reading. Unlike the majority of health books, The Whole Health Life managed to capture my attention. I was much intrigued by the relation to what is referred to as the “nocebo” effect, the opposite of the placebo effect—when a depressed man in a drug trial unknowingly overdosed on sugar pills, convinced he was dying with low blood pressure (82).

The chapters are divided into categories in which to make life changes: stress, emotions, belief, food, movement, environment, sleep, healthcare, and relationships. Harvey recommends meditation, diet, how to find emotional balance, forgiveness, and even specific characteristics to look for when searching for a suitable medical professional. While those may not seem uncommon, The Whole Health Life does not take on a preachy tone in its suggestions. And, without revealing spoiling details, it does feature a unique side to those suggestions readers have probably never before encountered. None of the discussed changes are outrageous. The changes are each doable and presented in an unbiased manner. You cannot dispute the facts. 
There is significant appreciation for the author’s understanding approach. Never did she reprimand others for the unhealthy aspects in their lives. She admits she still struggles maintaining healthy habits herself, suggesting that implementing one change at a time is the key to success. Healthy living is an on-going process.
The Whole Health Life is of value to anyone. Whether enduring illness yourself, supporting an ill friend or family member, or seeking to prevent future illness, we all have a similar goal in mind. My only wish is that there was more focus on rarer, genetic conditions, as opposed to cancer, diabetes, hypertension, and the typical ailments. However, even I, with a rare, genetic illness, can take away something from these helpful tips.
Regardless of my first impression, The Whole Health Life is NOT a happy, no stress, “you must remain positive one hundred and twenty percent of the time” mantra type of book. It explains that a life of absolutely no stress and overly positive emotions can actually cause negative health repercussions. How is this possible? Enlighten yourself. Read The Whole Health Life. It is definitely worth it!
The Whole Health Life book is for sale on Amazon. Also available is a documentary, The Connection, is available for purchase on the webpage: The Whole Health Life

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