Friday, November 4, 2016

Sustainability, Good360, + World Vegan Day

Wow, aren't I missing all of the good days around here? First it was National Cat Day and then World Vegan Day. Anyways, in honor of Good360 and (belated) World Vegan Day from earlier in this week, let's discuss sustainability. 

I sat behind the fence of a farm, contemplating life’s beauty. That is, until herds of cattle made apparent our human failures at sustainability. A tag pierced the ear of each cow and an onlooker’s brands of discontentment was burned on their skin. What is sustainability?

Terms like conservation and reduction contribute to its meaning. They are rarely far from view. The definition of sustainability extends beyond the recycling bin. Its meaning is too profound for signs advertising, “GO GREEN and you can win…” 

Sustainability equates to love. It represents altruism, focusing concern on others. It encompasses the personal responsibility to surrender selfishness for the sake of the population, animals, and the planet. However, the word is meaningless if not implemented through action.

Communities host “green events,” teachers lecture the concept of recycling to students, and households reuse products. Despite increased efforts, the environment is still suffering.

Sustainability has many factors. Diet is one of them. The Vegan lifestyle is a passion of mine. Choosing not to consume animals spares a life, conserves resources, and limits waste emitted into the environment. And, not to be that” annoying vegan hippie”, its ethics epitomize the peace and love of sustainability.

So, I am sure you can imagine my distress after losing the ability to eat due to Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. I am unable to practice sustainability in the manner I used to. Relying on feeding tube formulas and artificial nutrition through the blood stream is quite contrasting to my previous diet.

It remains imperative to live sustainably in the ways that I can. Personally, that entails not purchasing products tested on animals, experimenting with vegan feeding tube blends, and recycling.

In the midst of extenuating circumstances, living sustainably is possible with a little creativity.

Let’s not be contented spectators. 

Good360 is an organization that helps better the world through aiding Nonprofits and contributing to charity. For example, their website states they have saved $300 million for charities, donated 8000 cartons of clothing, and more. This is all done sustainably, of course. The public can easily become involved. Check out their site to learn how YOU can help. No effort is too miniscule.