Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Summer Kindle Unlimited Suggestions

There once was a time when I was opposed to reading electronic books via technology. They just could not compare to a physical copy. Last October, I splurged on a Kindle Fire tablet. That is all it took to convert to ebooks. Yes, I am now one of those people. Amazon is totally hazardous to my bank account because I impulsively splurged again this June on the Kindle Paperwhite. My reading experience has increased tenfold by the switch. And I must say, the lighting on the Paperwhite is far superior to the Fire tablet, especially if you have eye problems stemming from a chronic condition like I do.

The new Kindle Paperwhite and a monthly subscription to Kindle Unlimited is the perfect combination for a pleasurable summer of serial reading. Literally, I have been averaging a novel every day or so.
Keep reading for my favorite Kindle Unlimited picks!

"The Vow" by Felicity Goodrich

Based during World War II, "The Vow" tells of a forbidden love between a teenager from a Polish village and the Catholic priest. Goodrich eloquently depicts the struggles of their relationship. Will they sacrifice standing in the good graces of God, family, and the village residents all for love? It is written in a way that leaves readers hanging on to the sorrows of the characters. For being free, it is exceptional.

"When I'm Gone" by Emily Bleeker

This is perhaps the most enjoyed Kindle Unlimited novel yet. Luke Richardson loses his wife Natalie to cancer. Huge family secrets are revealed to Luke by his deceased wife through letters he receives in the mail that she had written and arranged to be sent after her passing. "When I'm Gone" is not the traditional cancer story. I could not put it down!

"Wreckage" by Emily Bleeker

Bleeker is an amazing author. Like "When I'm Gone", "Wreckage" has a suspenseful plot. It takes the reader on a journey to solving the mysteries of Lillian Linden and Dave Hall while they are stranded in the ocean because of a plane crash. This is a great escape book. 'Wreckage" definitely puts the "what are the top 3 things would you want with you if deserted on an island" question into perspective.

"Secrets Series" by Karen Lenfestey
#1 - A Weekend Getaway
#2 - Next Door Secrets
#3 - A Mother's Conviction

I am not typically into books that are part of a series. There are exceptions to every rule though. By the third book, I was not unbelievably bored. The series follows the character Bethany Morris as she faces the repercussions of giving her baby up for adoption while still a teenager. Once an adult, will her dreams of parenting come true? Read to find out!

"Yellow Crocus" by Laila Ibrahim

Ibrahim's "Yellow Crocus" is bittersweet. The overall plot kept me engaged. It is about Mattie, an African American slave, serving as a wet nurse for a wealthy white family. Her situation is complicated by bonding with a child who is not her own. The characters are well developed. They keep the reader desiring to know more about the difficulties Mattie faces when she has to abandon her family in one sense to provide for them.

"About the Night" by Anat Talshir

Historical fiction is my all time favorite genre. You would think I was a history buff. I am not, I promise. Taking place in Jerusalem, this is another war tale about an Arab and Jew couple. Encompassing love and loss, "About the Night" reads of the emotional turmoil of war. The couple's lives take an unexpected turn when they learn that sometimes love cannot conquer all.

Check out GoodReads for additional suggestions.

What are your favorite reads this summer? Kindle Unlimited or not, recommendations are appreciated!