Friday, May 6, 2016

What If Healing Never Comes?

A few months ago I shared an experience via Facebook and Instagram. The post read:

"I want to share a profound story that some of you may appreciate! It is a perfect example of God's timing. Earlier today my dad went to his first job with his coworker where he encountered a lady mowing her yard. While he was getting the job supplies together, he noticed the woman mumbling and he realized she was praying for the day, her land, etc. This stranger stops dead in her tracks and asks which one of them has a sick daughter. Caught off guard from this complete stranger knowing that information, my dad said that he did. She proceeds to say that God is in the process of healing me and that it will be soon. My family, as well as my doctors, have been extremely nervous for the surgery on Tuesday due to all of the risks and now we feel much more at peace that we are taking the proper next step to determine the treatment and begin the healing process." 

We were so touched that we shared the story with others. My extended family was in hysterics and nurses teared up. This occurred near the time of a major surgery in late September and early October. It provided a confirmation of some sort, as we were all questioning going through with the procedures. 

God spoke through that woman. That much is clear. Now nearly May, I remain sick. It causes me to contemplate why? Is it a punishment? Did He mean healed as in only restoring partial health? Or does He intend healing only when not on this earth any longer? The interpretation of healing can take on numerous definitions.

Who knew soon was such a complex word? Only God is aware of the intricacies of its meaning. That is often frustrating. Nobody enjoys the questions that encompass the waiting game.

It is obviously established that there are varying beliefs pertaining to this story. However, God has began my healing process. Perhaps I am not healed in the traditional sense yet, but waiting for soon has prompted healing, to an extent, in my spirit and faith. The main focus has switched to not questioning God rather than obtaining ideal health ASAP. Not living life while anticipating the outcome of soon does not cause God's promises to come to fulfillment any faster.

As a Christian, I am frequently so caught up in my timing and expectations of His promises that I sometimes dismiss the fact that waiting is a significant part of His purpose. There is something to take away from this that can be used in all areas of life. Had my health been restored immediately, that lesson would not have been as evident.

In the meantime, my family and I patiently prepare for soon.