Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Favorite Pinterest Snack/Dessert Recipes

Lets face it: food is my worst enemy. I realize food and I may never come to a complete truce. Regardless, I have been getting quite into baking for my family. Experimenting with various ingredients to come up with concoctions that *hopefully* passes the taste tests from others is rather fun. So - hours of my leisure has been spent scouring Pinterest for new recipes.

Below are a few of the popular snack/dessert recipes resulting from my recent kitchen amusements.

Banana Bread Muffins

1.) Vegan Flourless Banana Bread Muffins

This is my all time favorite muffin recipe. It is easy, very customizable, and large batches can be made at one time for freezing. I simply throw all of the ingredients into the Vitamix blender and they are good to go.

Some add-in ideas are other fruits (berries), raisins, chocolate chips.

2.)  No Bake Energy Bites

There are a plethora of energy bite recipes. Ingredients are interchangeable: maple or agave, dried fruit or chocolate chips (or both!), almond or peanut butter (or cashew/sunflower/etc), coat in coconut or chia seeds. Blend dates with the mixture for extra sweetness! For the chocolate lovers out there, adding cacao powder adds an extra kick in there.

Energy Bites 

* For readers with Mast Cell Disease, proceed with caution, especially when handling cacao. It is potentially dangerous and makes for a miserable day if you send yourself into a reaction by coming in contact with it (or any other food ingredient).

3.)  Oatmeal Date Cookies

Based on my responses from family (aka my recipe guinea pigs), these are the best cookies! They did not last long around my house.

Unfortunately, they are unpictured.

Another meal was in the making while I was in the kitchen. Inevitably, my mast cells were less than thrilled about an exposure to siracha sauce. So, I did not get a chance to put them in the oven. That task was left to mom who was not aware of the recipe and did not leave enough space between them, leaving them to mingle into one giant cookie on the pan. They turned into a mess, but a tasty one nonetheless!

Vegan Vanilla Cake + Frosting
4.) Vanilla Cake with Frosting 

Mom and I had fun with this one. Having never experienced baking a cake from scratch, I was excited to finally have the opportunity. It was my mother's first experience with vegan baking, too. The family was surprised at how good it actually tasted.

Thankfully it apparently tasted better than it looks. Cake decorating is not our speciality.

4.) Peanut Butter Cereal Bars

I think this recipe is rather self explanatory. For this I personally used Raisin Bran, as that was on sale for the week. The link provides numerous options, however.

5.) Overnight Applesauce Oatmeal Breakfast

Much like energy bites, there are soooooo many concoctions that make good overnight oats, but out of all of the ones I have made my family try, this was the most tasty. It makes for a yummy, healthy breakfast for the mornings you have to run out of the door in a rush.

Cake Baking Process
Only fellow Mast Cell Disease warriors can appreciate this, haha! After numerous reactions from airborne/contact triggers, I finally learned my lesson. I now go in the kitchen armed with gloves and a mask, regardless of the recipe I am following or ingredients used. Mast Cell Disease is not like regular IgE allergies; although, it does cause allergy symptoms/anaphylaxis. It is a problem on a cellular level. The triggers constantly change depending on the state of the mast cells at that moment. One day peanut butter may be fine to touch or be near, the next it may not be. It looks silly, but definitely a must!