Saturday, October 31, 2015

Register Your Epi-Pens!

In the wake of everything that has happened with Auvi-Q, I want to take a second to re-emphasize just how important it is to keep track of your devices.  Make sure they are current, and haven't expired (expired meds aren't effective)!  If you are new to having an epi-pen familiarize yourself with the trainer.  Make sure all your family and friends know where you keep your life saving medication and what your action plan is, should you encounter an emergency and be unable to communicate.  If you are able to use the training device, but are still afraid of the actual device itself, I was always told to inject expired pens into fruit, like an orange for example, to give me more confidence (you don't have to swing your arm and jab you can hold the pen firmly against your thigh until it clicks).  The only downside with having an epi-pen is that unlike Auvi-Q, it doesn't talk and won't walk a person who has never used it before through the steps.  Remember to count to 10 so you get the FULL dose. 

Just incase you can't give yourself your medication, have it in a highly visible place.  Below are a few pictures of how I have mine (Mylan - the makers of Epi currently have an Epi backpack for your devices if you register them online). 

One of the Epi backpack designs. 

Attached are special allergy info cards that come with the bags. 

Inside can hold two Epi-pens, with room to spare (I attached an old allergy bracelet - the red - and a medicalert - the yellowish green, for ease of identification).